11 Feb #ShareTheLove Letter by Semone S.

Dear every woman entrepreneur,

To start off, you need to know you’re doing a good job! To have come this far on the journey deserves a congrats. You are hardworking, gifted, unique, and a leader. It takes so much courage, passion, and focus to step out to launch your work for others to see. You always envisioned doing this and living your life working this way. So congrats!

Sometimes, I know you feel the pressure and wonder if you’re doing “well enough”. Especially, as you first start it can be hard to always measure your success. You can have doubts, insecurities and fears that pop up mixed with joy, excitement, and love for the work you do. That pressure is not from others, but from yourself. Can I remind you that if you are giving it your all and doing your work with excellence, you’re doing good?

Be as kind with yourself as you are with others. Give yourself some grace and learn how to breathe. Cut the critical talk. It’s one thing to want to do well, but being overly critical of yourself and what you do is no good.

Learn how to look back and celebrate your successes. It can be all too easy to blow past the good and move to the “next thing”. Learn to savor the good moments more. You do what you do because you love your work, you love people, you love to add value, and help others with your services and gifts. That is honorable, beautiful, and greatly needed in this world.

Realize that you are impacting more people than you know because others are watching you. They watched when you first shared that you would start your business, they watch as you slowly have new clients, they watch as you share new projects, they watch and see you grow and persevere in good times and through challenges. And know that others are inspired to launch out because of you.

You’re one of a kind and loved deeply! What you do matters more than you know. Don’t ever give up! Don’t ever quit. Give it your all and be amazed at how each day, month, and year you will see your reach grow more than you could have imagined. Stay faithful. Stay encouraged.

Love and blessings!

Semone Seavers
Women’s Minister and Coach
Radiant Purpose Ministries


This letter was written as part of Operation #ShareTheLove, an initiative by Vendeve.com with the goal of sharing the love of entrepreneurship and encouraging women entrepreneurs everywhere. For more information or to participate, visit www.vendeve.com/sharethelove.

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