15 Mar Week 1: Our origin story and what’s next…

Posting this video is scary. It’s something I’ve known for awhile that I should do but, damn it, I really didn’t want to.

This is Vendeve’s origin story. It’s a candid snapshot of where we are, how we got here, and what’s coming next.

And that last part—the “what’s coming next” part—that’s the scariest part of all. Because the truth is… I don’t exactly know.

Yes. I’ve got a plan. I’ve got a damn good plan. But I’ve also learned from experience that things don’t always go to plan.

What I can tell you is that starting a business is risky. There will be moments when you’re on top of the world.

For our team, this Forbes article was one of those moments. And when we made it into Inc Magazine? My cofounder Calee and I definitely had an epic dance party that day.

But there will also be moments that just plain suck. Moments when you can’t say with any real certainty whether your business will live to fight another day.

This is the “entrepreneur’s journey.”

The real, candid, unfiltered journey.

And I want to share ours with you. Week by week. Win by win. Fail by fail.

I’m doing this because I think it’s important.

Entrepreneurship is hip right now and there are a lot of people making BIG money on selling their “Easy 10 Step Plan” without really telling you their backstory.

I know it can be tempting…

But don’t buy into the entrepreneurship hype. It’s not all glittery photo shoots, drinking mid-day mimosas, and fat paycheques. {Click to Tweet}

In fact, in the beginning… there’s a helluva lot more sleepless nights, dry shampoo, confusion, and tears.

Yes. There will be tears.

But if you’re truly passionate about what you’re building, truly committed to doing whatever it takes to push through the tough times to get to those BIG wins, then you will succeed.

The whole Vendeve community has your back. And I hope you’ll have mine too.

So without further ado (and you know I could “ado” for days), here’s the first video:


P.S. Don’t forget to comment below and tell me: (1) Why you joined Vendeve (2) How Vendeve can support your business (3) What your goal is for the next 90 days.


  • Calee B
    Posted at 19:19h, 15 March

    So proud of you!!!

  • Sarah H
    Posted at 20:12h, 15 March

    Ohhh goosebumbs!!!!!! 1 video a week YES!!! You are amazing!!

  • Glenna J
    Posted at 01:15h, 16 March

    Way to go, Katie. So proud of you!

  • Beth H
    Posted at 09:57h, 16 March

    This is awesome, Katelyn!!! I can’t wait to see more of your videos! To answer your questions: (1) I joined Vendeve to get over my fear of selling my skills (which totally friggin worked, by the way). (2) I loved the email e-course you guys sent out a while back. Something else like that would be amazing! (3) My goal for the next 90 days (as it has been for the last 90 days) is to make a video of myself and let my users actually see me… Ha. You’re just the anti-perfectionist inspiration I needed today! Thanks for this! <3

    • Katelyn B
      Posted at 23:41h, 16 March

      I’m so glad you loved the ecourse! We’re thinking of giving it away as a thank you gift to members when they level up from “Up & Comer” to “All Star” profiles. I hope they like it <3 Share your video with us when you get it up. I’d love to see it!!

  • Stefanie M
    Posted at 18:59h, 16 March

    Love this … just when I think I can’t love you more - I do!

    PS We need to plan some time together… very soon.

    Thanks for paving the way - we are behind you!

    Why I joined Vendeve: I wanted to support what you ladies were doing at first, but now it is lovely to have a space to go to connect with like-minded women in business.

    How you can help: Keep being fearless - keep pursuing, and share more of how you do what you do!

    My Short-Term Goal: Secure a national distributor for my side-hustle - Halifax Paper Hearts. Reach 100 retailers this year (we’re at 40 - yay!).

    Love & hugs,

    • Katelyn B
      Posted at 23:37h, 16 March

      We definitely should get together soon and talk world domination!! You are already 40% towards your goal. Rock on,!!

  • Nadine B
    Posted at 19:01h, 16 March

    So happy to know we’ll have a video a week!! Awesome. I joined Vendeve because it was different than every other community I approached and researched. I love the way things are done differently and with so much drive. I love the help, share and support I get from the “Vendeverette”.

    I wish I would lately have more time to be as active as I was, but I still go everyday to read the questions and learn a lot from given tips and tricks by others and answers.

    Such an inspiration! Thanks a bunch

    • Katelyn B
      Posted at 23:38h, 16 March

      Thank you for being part of our journey since the early days, Nadine xoxox

  • Julie H
    Posted at 19:39h, 16 March

    Way more inspiring seeing the process rather than the final result. I joined Vendeve because I wanted to support what you were both doing. It would be great to see more on how people go from the initial idea to actually starting the business, i.e. getting past finding excuses why you are too busy, tired or lazy to get going. My goal in the next 90 days to to get moving!!!

    • Katelyn B
      Posted at 23:42h, 16 March

      There are always 1000 voices in our heads telling us why we can’t do something now, Julie. But that’s fear talking and fear is a liar! Thank you for supporting our journey <3

  • Melissa W
    Posted at 19:59h, 16 March

    So awesome to hear a bit of the story! Loved the journey with you guys and being a part of the community.
    I joined to be able to network with other ladies and share my expertise with others. I am all about helping others and walking with them on their entrepreneurial journey.
    I think things will only get better as more ladies join and interact with each other.

  • Cat P
    Posted at 20:25h, 16 March

    Katelyn…you rock girl! Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou for being on the same page ergol “It’s not all unicorn’s shitting rainbows, this sh*t is hard…but totally worth the; stomach churning, hair tearing, gin drinking days both gone and yet to come”.

    I joined Vendeve as you ladies gave off such a world dominating vibe that selfishly I wanted in at the beginning, an early-adopter if you will (even before the name changed). I love being in the presence of so many women just doing their thing and doing it with bells on…it’s soooo uplifting and a great community to get support. Keep doing what you’re doing, you are such an inspirational team.

    For the next 90 days I am focused on building some excitement around a new course I’ll be running in collaboration (or cahoots is probably more appropriate) with another amazing Vendeve lady…Cara Chace.. Literally can’t wait! we’re having so much fun putting our heads together and creating something to help fellow boss ladies out there.

    Ladies if you’re not in the Vendeve community already, you’re seriously missing out.!

    • Katelyn B
      Posted at 23:44h, 16 March

      Ooooooh tell us about your new course when it’s ready, Cat! We’d love to help you spread the word :)

    • Cara C
      Posted at 19:47h, 21 March

      Soooo excited! 😉

  • Robin C
    Posted at 20:37h, 16 March

    I love this! What a great, real story. Thank you for sharing.

    • Katelyn B
      Posted at 23:38h, 16 March

      Thank you, Robin for your support and beautifully written words 😉

  • Renée W
    Posted at 21:18h, 16 March

    You are amazing! Thank you for sharing your story. It’s a tough ride, like a REALLY really really reeeeeeally tough one. If it were easy, then everyone would be doing it. Keep up the good work ladies.

    All the love.


    • Katelyn B
      Posted at 23:46h, 16 March

      That’s right, Renee! Sometimes when I feel down, I just remind myself that we’re doing one of the hardest things there is to do. And doing a pretty darn good job. Then I smile again and remember that this is just part of the journey <3

  • Zeina
    Posted at 03:50h, 17 March

    Hi Katelyn! this is the first time I EVER comment to someone that I don’t personally know. I hope this tells you how important and big the move you are creating is. I am a new entrepreneur myself, This is a whole new and scary world for me but listening to you talk, someone who ventured into the unknown not only to benefit herself personally, but to also help the women around her and around the world is moving and very empowering. To me, I always find myself trying to influence people around me to be bigger and better and see potential in themselves and beauty in their lives so I definitely connected with you,
    as far as the questions go,
    1) I joined Vendeve because I need all and any help that I can get!
    2) You can help me by posting free videos/information about different ways to reach clients on line…maybe new marketing strategies
    3) My focus the next 90 days is to reach potential clients through effective marketing!

  • Casandra M
    Posted at 06:11h, 17 March

    Hi, Kately! I’m so excited about Vendeve and looking forward to your weekly videos. You guys are awesome! I love the point system. The reason I joined Vendeve was because I wanted to be a part of an online entrepreneurial community, support and referrals, If there was a way to turn likes into testimonials and or an easier way to advertise our services that would be so cool. Anyhow, looking forward to all the new features.

  • Jenna B
    Posted at 07:53h, 17 March

    Such an honest, raw insight - I loved this! Thank you for sharing

  • Cara C
    Posted at 19:46h, 21 March

    Love love love this and I have so much damn respect for you ladies. Seriously.


  • ShandiM
    Posted at 15:27h, 19 April

    I think that Vendeve can make a huge difference for women who want to start their own business. The most important task for Vendeve is getting the word out. Each of us can help by sharing on our social networks, our neighborhood networks (ie Nextdoor.com), women’s Meet Up groups, friends, local electronic bulletin boards, Quora, and anywhere you can think of. The more eyes that see, the more we will grow as a community.

    I joined because I like to share my business knowledge, especially in the area of marketing. I started my business in 1983 on the Big Island, with no money, no experience, and no desire. I gave in to prodding by a stranger who saw a need in the business community, and somehow thought I was the perfect person to fill that need. Because it involved “selling” I was resistant. I believed that selling equated to lying, and I couldn’t do that.
    On day one, I set out to prove that I couldn’t do it. But what happened surprised me. I got 3 orders! Then had to figure out how to process them. That was actually a piece of cake!

    I continued to work my 3 part time survival jobs, which is common in Hawaii. I placed a small classified ad in the local paper to see if I would get any response. My phone started ringing off the hook! I said to myself “This must mean I’m in business!” I made the decision to quit my jobs, and take a leap into the unknown world of the entrepreneur, without a steady paycheck. I figured the worst case scenario was that I’d have to go back to working for someone else.

    But I didn’t, and as my little business grew organically, without a plan, I never looked back. I worked at home for the first 3 years, then rented a desk in a friend’s office, and then within a few short months, was able to rent the entire office.

    I studied advertising and marketing at night, because I knew that these were key elements for a successful business. In the meantime, I was learning about the business itself with my “feet on the ground”. I discovered skills and talents that I didn’t know I had. Mistakes were painful, but each one taught me something I didn’t know before.

    I looked forward to each day, even Mondays! Some people called me a “workaholic”, but they didn’t understand the joy that I was getting from learning and creating. This was all before the Internet was available, so I spent hours reading books from the library, in addition to using reference materials.

    I co-created a business women’s network, and held workshops to help women discover their passion and purpose.

    In 1993, I sold the business, and returned to California. I’d had a vision about computers connecting with each other and the world. I collaborated with a small group of men, and co-created the first Internet Learning Center in San Francisco. I named it MentorNet. We were under funded, and after only a year, the big guys with money steam rolled over us.

    I left the world of entrepreneurship, but it’s still very much in my heart. I’ve helped many friends with their businesses, and serve as an unofficial business consultant. I’ve done some online marketing work for a large Silicon Valley company, and am looking to do more of this, using Linked In. Although it’s boring and tedious, it gives me a little extra income, until I can create something new of my own.

    Until then, I hope to be of service to this community, and connect with kindred spirits.

    • Calee B
      Posted at 18:16h, 19 April

      Wow! You’ve got hustle, girl. Thanks for sharing a piece of your story. Looking forward to connecting more in Vendeve! xo

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