23 Mar Week 2: Giving to get and trusting your gut…

Ok. It’s week two of this video thang…

In this week’s video, I’ll introduce you to Renee Warren and Dan Martell — an entrepreneurial power couple who have used one simple tactic to get intros to folks like Richard Branson, Marie Forleo and Mark Cuban. (Spoiler alert: it involves food and you could do it too)

I’ll show you how we’ve flipped the script on our fundraising efforts, turning our greatest challenges into an opportunity. See our Facebook post to see what I’m talking about…

And lastly, I’ll share an epiphany I had this week. And how listening to this advice earlier could have dramatically changed the course of our business.

But before all of that, I just want to say that, ladies, I am buuuurrrnnned out.

It took every ounce of energy I had to make this video today. And, honestly, I had a gazillion excuses for why I shouldn’t do it…

I worried that I had nothing new to say.

I worried that I was too tired to form coherent sentences (That might be kinda true. I’ll let you be the judge of that).

I worried that if I said the wrong thing, in the wrong way, it might be misunderstood. And risk losing your support and good will.

Plus… I just didn’t wanna do it *said in my whiniest of whiney voices*.

But I made you promise. And I want to be someone who keeps my promises.

So here goes…

P.S. I want your feedback!

What do you think of these videos so far? Do you think the weekly overview is helpful? Or would you rather me shorten it down to just the key learning and next steps? Comment below!

  • Sarah H
    Posted at 19:37h, 24 March

    Love it!! Trust your gut <3 <3 <3 Renee & Dan sound like amazz peeps!!


  • Cat P
    Posted at 08:37h, 25 March

    Katelyn loving your honesty in these videos.

    Soooo important to find the balance between seeking opinions that challenge the status quo (but not from so many people that they become overwhelming), listening to your gut and acknowledging what the fear is telling you…usually a bit embellished and a few lies thrown in for good measure to keep you firmly in your comfort zone.

    I had just replied to a question in the group stating that it’s key to trust yourself so I loved that your experience this week resonates that exact thing.

    Trusting yourself is so under-rated sometimes but I find that anyone who embarks on this crazy career path of entrepreneurship has problem-solved their whole lives, without having every bit of info to hand.

    Have a great week and get that internal G.P.S. recalibrated 😉

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