13 Apr Is your branding juju a hot mess?

All right, listen up! This is Vendeve takeover. The non-hostile and ever-loving kind!

Do you love road trips? Ok, stupid question because who doesn’t like road trips, right?! I love connecting real life experiences with building a real life business full of real life humans. And that’s what I’m about to do.

Oh sorry, I don’t believe I introduced myself! I’m Amber Grace, copywriter, brand therapist and advocate for new beginnings. I was invited to the Vendeve blog this week (Hi mom!) because I’ve got an life-altering message that you need to hear. After spending a tireless (read: late nights, too much hustle and not enough BFFs) year creating my own brand, there’s one thing I learned:

Creating a brand takes GUTS! (So does road tripping. Keep reading!)

It takes a lot more than just guts though. To help you understand exactly what that branding juju is, I’ve decided to bring you on a road trip!

You ready? Let’s do this thang! Ok first, let’s chat about your road tripping fundamentals. For those of you that need a hard number before committing to reading, there are TEN fundamentals in this must have list. There were eight, but last minute I decided to switch it up and toss in a couple bonuses. They are:

1. A pillow (A good pillow is awesome. A better pillow will pay you back 10 fold. Just trust me on this one!)

2. Clear skies (Hello sunnies!)

3. GPS (I almost said map there, but I caught myself and remembered it’s 2016.)

4. WINE (No explanation required.)

5. Dollar bills (Cause, you know, buying gas, food and wine are pretty essential!)

6. Your ID (You’ll need that for border jumping and club hopping.)

7. Stories (There will be loads, don’t worry!)

8. A fierce sense of adventure and humour (Because shit happens.)

9. A lighter (Roadside s’mores DUH!)

10. A BFF (Cause anything less is just subpar!)


Now you’re wondering, that’s great Amber Grace, but how the heck does this tie into creating a brand? Well Vendever, I’m so very glad you asked. Here’s my breakdown (often happens on road tripping and branding, just an aside):

1. That pillow you’re squeezing tightly, that’s the same one you’re going to use to get your beauty rest because creating a brand is no joke and requires plenty of meaningful ZZZs.

2. Those clear skies, that’s your brand clarity babe! You’re going to need that over and over and over (have I made my point yet?) and OVER again! That’s the thing that’s going to help you ‘weather’ all storms. And there will be storms!

3. That GPS, it’s your brand’s BFF acting like a compass when you lose direction. (Caution: stormy weather ahead!)

4. More wine. And yes, it still needs no explanation! Any well-meaning creative (and yes, that’s exactly what you are brand builder) knows the importance of wine…and winning…and whining.

5. Dollars cause DUH! Takes money to make money. (And you’ll need it to buy more wine.)

6. Your ID, it’s your identity in real time. It’s really most important piece of this puzzle. I would move it to the number one slot right now, but it’s nearing midnight and I’m running out of wine!

7. Wanna connect with your humans? Tell them a story. Tell them your story. Tell them their story. Tell a story about stories.

8. Your sense of adventure and humour, well, there is no simile for that. Both are still required and both will get you through those storms. (So will wine.)

9. That lighter, it’s your spark, the thing that ignites you. Every brand-worthy human needs one. And every human is brand-worthy. (Trust me on that one too!)

10. And lastly, that brings us to the BFF. Never, ever brand alone. Always take the perfect PIC (partner in crime) along for the ride. (That way, when you talk about wine one last time, you won’t look like a drunk!)


Speaking of road trip besties, Katelyn recently introduced you to hers, Sarah Hart. Sarah does something beautifully for brands, which is supporting the DIY process. You know why this matters? It matters because:

1. You won’t be branding solo (remember those BFFs?) and

2. You won’t spend a year like I did (and the thousands it cost me) branding aimlessly.


Listen, I’ve got an eye for design because I’m a hardcore creative and DIY junkie. Yet I still spent an entire year DIYing my brand. I’m finally happy with that brand, but at what cost? I mean, I spent a year creating it while earning ZERO of those dollars I mentioned above. Full disclosure: That’s not entirely true. I did earn some money, but literally less than $1000.

If I’d heard about Sarah a year ago, I would have joined The Brand Mapping Method no questions asked. There’s something else you should know: I’m a super tight wad when it comes to my money. I just dropped $150 (baller, I know!) on cute outfits and shoes for my son, which is pretty much the ONLY person who gets my money, now that I actually earn some!

Sarah’s brand is so on point. Can’t you just see yourself eating marshmallows and burning shit around the campfire with her? I can!

One last thing:

“One of the most courageous things you can do is identify yourself, know who you are, what you believe in and where you want to go.” S. Murray Bethel

This is AG, signing off.


PS (because I love a PS worth sharing):

Sarah has offered ONE spot to The Brand Mapping Method for FREE! (Because that’s how BFFs roll.)  All you have to do is:

STEP 1. Register for Sarah’s free trainings: How to Create Epic Opt-ins (April 13) or Step-by-Step How to Create A Website (April 15)

STEP 2: Copy and paste the copy below on Facebook… 

@Vendeve I’m a BFF. I won’t let my BFFs brand alone and neither should you! Come check out Sarah Hart’s free trainings at: https://ja305.isrefer.com/go/webinarshare/vendeve/ 

(Make sure @Vendeve is tagged so the Vendeve ladies can enter you in the contest!)


Boom, boom and done! I’ll be seeing you soon brave brander!


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