13 Apr Week 5: Next big feature revealed + your backstage pass

In last week’s video, I promised to tell you more about my friend Sarah Hart (aka “the human embodiment of sunshine”) and how we’ve shaped each other’s business journeys.

This week I’m delivering that and more…

I’ll share how a 14-hour road trip to NYC inspired the next big feature we’re bringing your way.

Should you be excited?

Well… I was recently chatting with a Vendeve member and gave her the inside scoop. I asked her, “how hungry are you for us to launch this new feature?”

Her answer?

“More hungry than a lion who hasn’t eaten in four weeks.”

So, yes. You should be excited!

And because I love ya, I’m giving you a chance to be among the first to test drive this feature AND you could even win a free seat in Sarah’s course: Brand Mapping Method (a DIY web design program).

Watch the video and then scroll down below for contest details…

Contest Details:

If you like what you just heard and are keen to take part, this is your chance!

We want to help Sarah spread the word about Brand Mapping Method.* If you follow the instructions below, you’ll automatically get to participate in our beta launch of this new feature (name TBD)! Whoop whoop!

Better yet? Sarah has offered ONE spot in Brand Mapping Method for FREE ($850 US value) for one lucky Vendever! All you have to do to enter the contest is:

Copy and paste the text below into a Facebook post and share…

@Vendeve I’m a BFF! I won’t let my BFFs brand alone and neither should you! Come check out Sarah Hart’s free training and discover how to create a website that feel like you… finally!!  https://ja305.isrefer.com/go/webinarshare/vendeve/

(Make sure you tag @Vendeve on Facebook so we can enter you in the contest!)

That’s it! You’ll officially be entered in the contest!

*Full Disclosure*

Vendeve is an affiliate for Sarah’s program. That means if someone we refer buys the program, we get paid a commission. But don’t worry. I’ve worked hard to build your trust. And I would never risk losing it by recommending something that I didn’t 100% believe in.

If you need a new website, this may be the perfect program for you. If you don’t need a new website, keep moving. Stay focused on your top objectives and don’t get distracted by “shiny object syndrome”. xoxo


  • Cat P
    Posted at 09:42h, 15 April

    Great video blog as ever Katelyn. I know as a Boss Lady I’m getting early adopter access to new features but I la la love Sarah Hart - she is an online legend and the value she shares is simply amazing. Posted on FB!
    Have a great weekend!

  • Melissa W
    Posted at 17:16h, 29 April

    Ah just getting caught up your videos Katlyn! this is awesome and exciting especially since I do have Boss Lady Status :) I have been seriously desiring a business buddy/accountability partner and it would be way cool to be able to connect with someone via Vendeve.

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