29 Apr Week 7: The power of being broke and simple rules

Elo, my darling!

If you’re paying close attention, you may have noticed that there was no video update last week — eeeep sorry!

I was on vacation in Cuba and planned to post a video from there (most likely after 4 mojitos to make it extraaaa interesting), but I couldn’t get wi-fi. Le sigh.

Oh well. That just means I have even more exciting news to share this week.

A lot happened…

The BIG news? Randi Zuckerberg (aka Facebook’s director of Market Development and Mark Zuckerberg’s sister) gave a shoutout to Vendeve in her Brit + Co. article! I was at the airport en route to Cuba when I read the article. Pretty amazing way to start a vacation, right!?

The BIGGER news? Well you’ll have to watch the video to find out.

Lastly, while I was away I gobbled up two amazing business books. I read The Power of Broke and Simple Rules.

IMHO? Both are “must reads” business books. I’ll tell you why in this week’s video, and I’ve posted my own simple rules below the video…


P.S. Be sure to tune in for next week’s video. I’ve got a surprise for you 😉

My 9 Simple Rules:

1. Be Hungry: never stop learning. hustle. love what you do.

2. Believe You Can: if you’re truly hungry, you can achieve anything.

3. Fuel the Machine: sleep well. eat well. sweat daily. unplug.

4. Know the Goal: with clear goals, the rest falls into place.

5. Assess then Invest: validate your assumptions before investing too much time or money.

6. Make It Personal: make your interactions meaningful and win-win.

7. Know when to Zag: if all your competitors are zigging, it may be the perfect time to “zag” (ie. try a different approach)

8. Get Help: invest in the absolute best support network and team you can. be accountable to them and expect the same in return.

9. Practice Love: help others. give freely without expectation. create joy. have fun. lots of fun.

** I’m going to be putting a blog post together with even more detail on these and examples of our simple rules in practice.


  • Frances S
    Posted at 17:04h, 02 May

    It’s taken over 4 years, but I finally developed a simple operating system for small business. I call it SB/OS and it is: Craft your customer journey, your staff journey and your journey as business owner. If you nail those 3 things, you will have an awesome business. Everything I do is around one or more of those journeys.

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