03 May Week 8: You CAN buy happiness (but not how you think)

I shared this cartoon on Facebook a few weeks back and our fans went bananas.

This cartoon says it all, doesn’t it?

Entrepreneurship is hard. There are plenty of “OH F#CK” moments. Especially in the beginning.

You get burned by a client? OH F#CK.

You obsess over your marketing campaign only to launch and hear crickets? OH F#CK.

You’re flat broke and need to choose between buying groceries or paying your LeadPages subscription? OH F#CK.

There are plenty of OH F#CK moments.

But those “HELL YEAH!” moments? Those are what we entrepreneurs LIVE for.

Call me crazy (and many do), but since first becoming an entrepreneur six years ago, I’ve quietly weathered many sleepless nights and premature grey hairs just to get us a few more of those sweet, sweet, sweet HELL YEAHs.

And for awhile, I tricked myself into believing that this cycle was normal.

I accepted that there would be long slumps of turmoil, stress, and overwhelm peppered with the occasional earth-shattering win.

But I was wrong.

There can be more HELL YEAHs. More joy.

In fact, you can start with joy in mind and work backwards.

And that’s precisely that my girl Molly Mahar is famous for.

Molly is the founder of the Stratejoy. She teaches women how to find joy in this messy world, and I la-la-loooove her! (I’m also I’m totally obsessed with her new website. If HTML and CSS could smile, this is what it would look like).

In this week’s video I’ll introduce you to Molly, and share my own tumultuous relationship with finding joy while growing my business. (spoiler: I’ve sorta sucked at it).

P.S. And Molly has a lil gift for everyone and a BIG gift for 3 of you (scroll down)…

P.P.S: See that black spot on my face? I had a zit. But it was such a fabulous day that I didn’t want to to have a zit. So I turned it into a beauty mark. Because I’m cool like that.


{Free Workbook} Self-Care vs. Self-Comfort

Life is messy. Sometimes you need to just take a timeout and treat yo’self.

But what kind of down time do you need? Self-care or self-comfort? If like me you hadn’t even heard of self-comfort, then you, my dear, are in luck.

Molly put together a FREE 6-page workbook to help you understand which one you need and how to get it.

Hop over to Molly’s website and join her email list to get your FREE workbook.


Joy Contest Details:

Molly’s flagship program is The Joy Equation. It’s a 6-week course for women who want MORE —more love, more freedom, more fulfillment, more joy.

And because Molly is a joy-spreading Queen, she’s gifting 3 lucky Vendeve members with a free seat in The Joy Equation — a $200 value!

Want in? Entering the contest is easy…

Copy and paste the text below into a Facebook post and share…

I’m hitting the reset button, ladies. I want more [INSERT YOUR OWN ANSWER HERE]. (cc @vendevecom)


(Make sure you tag Vendeve on Facebook so we can enter you in the contest!)

That’s it! You’ll officially be entered in the contest!

BTW: I am not an affiliate for The Joy Equation. Just a reformed joy enthusiast and a Molly lover <3


  • Lyndsey S
    Posted at 17:57h, 04 May

    I love that cartoon so much! Can’t wait to check out the workbook. Some of the things I’ve been reading lately have been getting me a little freaked out that there wouldn’t be any room for joy in the early stages of my business - this gets me super energized!

    • Katelyn B
      Posted at 18:14h, 04 May

      Yes! There’s definitely room for JOY, Lyndsey <3 But you need to deliberately choose it and work towards achieve it in the same way you work towards your business goals.

      • Lyndsey S
        Posted at 00:02h, 06 May

        Thanks Katelyn! I’m deciding to choose JOY now. Question…Do you know when we will find out who won the contest?

        • Katelyn B
          Posted at 20:21h, 07 May

          Strange, Lyndsey. I didn’t get a Facebook notification that you’d shared the link. Did you take Vendeve’s FB page when you posted it?

          • Lyndsey S
            Posted at 23:57h, 07 May

            I definitely did. There isn’t another Vendeve, right?

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