29 Sep 6 Signs You Are A Verbal Processor

We all know someone who looooves the sound of their own voice.

But what about those who need the sound of their own voice?

That’s right. Some of us are verbal processors.

Also known as external processors, verbal processors understand the world by vocalizing their thoughts, feelings and ideas.

Unlike internal processors, who tend to think things through in their head and be slower to express their thoughts and feelings out loud.

Of course one is not better than the other. Like different learning styles (ie., visual, auditory and kinaesthetic) we humans have different ways of processing information and reaching decisions.

Think you miiiiight be a verbal processor? Here are 6 signs that you are:

1. You tend to say everything that pops into your head

We’re not suggesting you don’t have a filter — although this could also be true — some verbal processors are just as tactful as the next person.

But just because something is appropriate doesn’t mean it needs to be said aloud. Verbal processors tend to share their thoughts and feelings without being prompted to do so.

How it can be your secret weapon in business:

Sharing your thoughts — especially ideas — candidly and without fear of rejection can lead to huge business breakthroughs. How often have you heard someone say “I’m just spitballing here, but what about…” only to have it become the winning idea? Or heard a great idea that never came to fruition because it wasn’t shared in time, or at all?

2. You need to talk things out to get clarity

Have you ever caught yourself saying something aloud in order to make sense of it? Or feeling hugely relieved after telling someone your problems, before they’ve even offered any form of comfort or solution?

Verbal processors make sense of things by vocalizing them, but this can be difficult for solopreneurs who don’t have someone who understands their business to share their ideas with.

How it can be your secret weapon in business:

By finding a group of peers who can help you talk it out, and give you objective feedback, your ideas become much more refined and powerful. Not to mention it can give you the perspective you need to get back on track if you’re heading in the wrong direction.

3. You have strong verbal communication skills

Because you’re constantly using your verbal communication skills, you’re likely a stronger, more confident public speaker than the average internal processor.

How it can be your secret weapon in business:

This one kind of goes without saying — who doesn’t want strong verbal communication skills? Plus, the more confident and articulate you are, the more ways there are to share your expertise will your audience. Live speaking engagements, webinars and other group offers are waaaay easier when you’re comfortable with public speaking.

4. You’re okay with plans changing frequently and drastically

This is a tricky one, because it’s multidimensional. One the one hand, verbal processors tend to always have a goal or a plan. You aren’t the type to “go where the wind takes you” but rather like having control over your own destiny.

Having said that, you’re totally comfortable with plans changing, so long as you are constantly learning and trying new things.

How it can be your secret weapon in business:

It’s no surprise that being adaptable and open change is a HUGE asset as an entrepreneur. When things don’t go the way you anticipated, a new trajectory is just a conversation away!

5. You’re comfortable talking to new people (or anyone who will listen)

While identifying a situation as a familiar, safe place to share is still a consideration, it’s not of the utmost importance as it is for some internal processors.

In fact verbal processors will often share their thoughts with anyone who will listen, even strangers. Not necessarily important personal matters (we don’t think you’re crazy,) but certainly trivial thoughts will be imparted upon the unsuspecting cashier, crossing guard or UPS delivery person.

How it can be your secret weapon in business:

The ability to talk to anyone is an incredible gift to have as a business owner. You never know who could be a potential client, future partner or the newest member of your team. And how do those relationships get formed? By striking up a conversation.

6. You feel stressed by slow decision-making

While you might be patient, understanding and oh-so forgiving when others are indecisive, it’s really not the way you like to operate.

Verbal Processors tend to be more decisive in nature, or at least aim to make decisions efficiently.

How it can be your secret weapon in business:

Ever heard of “rapid iteration”? A tech term meaning to quickly create, test and improve a product again and again in order to achieve relative perfection, it’s an efficient way of getting from version 1 to the final product. This is the sort of thing verbal processors are naturally good at, being open to change and quick to make decisions.

So what does all this mean?

Besides the fact that you’re probably one badass business lady, it means you need opportunities to talk things out. Make sense of all the ideas / plans / awesomeness inside your head.

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  • Roberta B
    Posted at 23:53h, 29 September

    I think I must be one too but I never would have thought so before,/ Thanks for sharing

    • Katelyn B
      Posted at 02:30h, 01 October

      I didn’t realize it until my 5th year in business. Once you know how you process information, it’s a game-changer!

  • Nela D
    Posted at 08:13h, 30 September

    Yep, a verbal processor here. I journal the hell out of things. Though I’m also in equal part a visual processor (I believe that’s a thing too), I just have to sketch diagrams of processes in order to make sense of them.

    The new focus group just happens to be on my birthday so I won’t be joining you, but maybe next time 😉

    • Katelyn B
      Posted at 02:46h, 01 October

      OMG! I am a total visual processor too! I find information so much easier to parse when it’s first spoken, then visualized. Great point! Happy birthday!

  • Tristeza D
    Posted at 12:52h, 30 September

    This is so me! I call my coworkers into my office to have them help me with a problem and I talk myself into the solution. Great article!

    • Katelyn B
      Posted at 02:47h, 01 October

      So glad you resonated with it, Tristeza! It was pretty life-changing for me when I finally understood this about myself :)

  • Nicki M
    Posted at 13:01h, 30 September

    4 of the 6 ‘signs’ are definitely me so I think I a partial verbal processor! Difference might be that I am also an introvert so some of that verbal processing is with myself…and dare I say in my head :)

    • Katelyn B
      Posted at 02:48h, 01 October

      I am totally guilty of that sometimes too. Or even talking to myself when no one is around 😉

  • Linda V
    Posted at 16:38h, 30 September

    I wouldn’t have thought I was a verbal processor because i am a dyed-in-the-wool introvert, but I do catch myself occasionally voicing something slowly and deliberately when I am trying to understand a difficult concept. For the most part, though, I am an internal processor and am more likely to be carrying on a discussion within when trying to figure something out. I do know many verbal processors and this article helps me understand them better and to know that when they are asking a question in my presence, they aren’t necessarily wanting me to answer, they are just thinking it through. I love working with verbal processors because you know what they are thinking and I sometimes get great ideas from their musings.

    • Katelyn B
      Posted at 03:13h, 01 October

      That’s so true, Linda! You always know where you stand with a verbal processor. So glad this article helped you you understand some of your colleagues better! xo

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