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The Latest from Vendeve HQ.

This is where we post stuff we think you’ll love. Yes, you’ll find your share of “10 Tips to…” and “How to…” posts here. But more than that, we want to share real, candid, unfiltered snapshots of the entrepreneurial journey… in real time.

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29 Sep 6 Signs You Are A Verbal Processor

We all know someone who looooves the sound of their own voice. But what about those who need the sound of their own voice? That's right. Some of us are verbal processors. Also known as external processors, verbal processors understand the world by vocalizing their thoughts, feelings and...

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13 Apr Is your branding juju a hot mess?

All right, listen up! This is Vendeve takeover. The non-hostile and ever-loving kind! Do you love road trips? Ok, stupid question because who doesn’t like road trips, right?! I love connecting real life experiences with building a real life business full of real life humans. And...

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